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I have heard the Prisoner say why they name eleven, it was because
one should go round if any of us did not pay our Subscriptions
I did not hear any one say any thing about Captains over
Ten, the Men on this List did go on the Mountain that night
I did not go with William Davis one of the persons named in
this list Abraham Thomas is gone, he is dead, I did not see him
after he was dead, I don't know of my own knowledge that he is
dead, I have not seen him at his Work since the 3d. November I
can't read, I do know this W very well because I did see it put
down by William Davis many times on the Coal, I did hear my
number called over many times, I did hear it called over every time
I did go to pay my Subscription - This Paper was in my Pocket last
night, I can't say the day I first had the Paper, I can't say
particular how long it is since I have had this Paper, it may be 3
months or more, I can tell, I know the two J's S of my name, I cut
those letters every day when I am at Work, I have not always carried
this Paper about me from the time I first had it to the present time
no because William Jenkins had it and brought it to John Davis'
house - I have no particular mark but this two letters of my name
If you put another paper exactly the same as this Paper I could not
tell one from the other nor no other Man could, I do know the first
letter of this name (pointing to the name William Davis on the paper)
besides the two letters of my own name - The first letter of Surname
of the fourth name in the List J, I do not now remember any
one of the name of Thomas Saunders that I do know - I do know the
Prisoner since he come to the Royal Oak it is about 9 months I suppose
since I make any acquaintance with him - He has always been as far
as I know a peaceable Man and good neighbour, it was nine
without myself Worked with me in the same list, their names
are James James William James, Benjamin James, William
, Abraham Thomas, Thomas Bowen, David Davis, William Davis
and John Davis - I don't now remember the other - the one that did
not Work with me was John, I don't know his other name - I do
believe the names that I have given are the same names that were on
the Cards which I delivered to Llewellin Williams, I am sure that all I
have said is true - I can tell W and I, I would not know any other

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