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letters than the first letters in a name, I am not the Master Man
of the Level.
_____________The mark X of James James

John Parsons - Sworn, States - I am a Butcher and live at Pillgwenlly I
remember the 4th. of November instant it was on a Monday, I was in
Newport in the morning of that day I was in Commercial Street, I was
on Stow Hill that morning about nine o'clock, I saw a great many
Men coming up by way of the Friars, they were walking the foremost
of them was walking 8 or 10 a breast, they had Guns, Pikes and Weapons
of various descriptions, they came down Stow Hill towards the Town, I know
Zephaniah Williams, he is the Prisoner, I have known him 7 or 8 years
I saw him coming up after the Mob, I don't think there was any one
by the side of him, there were a few behind him, I saw him first
nearly opposite the Turnpike Gate, he was walking along on the foot
path he was not on the Road, I should say there were from 4 to
5000 Men walking before him, there were but few very few behind
him, I don't think there were 20 behind him, those behind him
were not armed - I am quite certain that the Prisoner was the
Man I saw that morning I saw him nearly opposite the Six Bells
that is about 100 yards from the Place I first saw him - I know
I did not see him this side of the Six Bells, I heard some firing
that morning, I heard the firing after I saw the Prisoner - The
Prisoner was not armed.

_________________John Parsons

The Prisoner being called upon for his Defence and being duly
Cautioned voluntarily States I have nothing to say.
_________________________Zephaniah Williams

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