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James Aust's defence6
The Prisoner being called upon to make his defence and
duly cautioned voluntarily stated as follows
Gentlemen they was about pressing a Neighbour as was coming
to me about 6 o'Clock as soon as it was light - I mean the parties
I dont know who they were - I was told so by Davies, he come
knocking at my door and I was not up and looked out of the -
window with my night cap on and asked who was there - I
not being up he came again in about 1/2 an hour after and then
he informed me that 3 or 4 persons had been handling him
very rough on the Road because he would not go with them
I told him I did not like to go to Newport as there was so many
coming on the Road - him and me went on together so far as
the little lane leading into the little field to his house and I
heard my young man should say there was 4 or 5 thousand
coming down the Road, I went from there partly to his
Cottage, he wanted me to go to Breakfast with him - then we
heard tremendous cheering and firing at Newport I think
the cheering was first, it was then about 8 o'Clock - I told
him my Wife would be missing of me fearing I would be
pressed because they wanted to press me before, I talked to
Davies and asked him if he would like to go as far as the Horse
- He said he would rather I would go home to breakfast,
and said I had better go and breakfast with him - I
told him I wished my Cottage was where his was out of the
way of so many people carrying such weapons, then I left
him and went up to my Cottage to Breakfast and while I was
at Breakfast my Wife stood at my Window to shun me
and told some of the persons that I was gone fearing that
they would press me, then they said no he ant no he ant
we do see him - I dont know who they were two of them had
hatchets and 4 or 5 of them came into the house and wanted
to take the Gun - the Gun was up where I always keep
him loaded with small shot and powder And I said no
they shant have the Gun for I will take him myself if they will
allow me - then I came out with the Gun under my arm
with them - I thought I was in danger of my life if I had



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