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Mary SimpsonSworn states - I am the Wife of William
- I was in the Cottage Monday morning when the prisoner
came in with his Gun - I saw a party going along - He told me
he made his escape into the Lodge and stopped and tried to conceal
himself from the party - it was half past eleven when I first saw
the Prisoner - it was half past Eleven by our Clock - he said he had
made his escape from the men - that they had pressed him
in the morning - he said nothing more - he left the Gun and he
came down to Newport as he told me - I had no conversation
with him as to what had happened at Newport - I was too
much frightened - I did not wish to hear any thing about
it - I heard a great noise - he told me he had made his escape
from the Men - I was not present during any conversation
between the Prisoner and my husband - I do not recollect
what the Prisoner said when he came back in the afternoon
I was busy about with the Children and took no heed - He left
in the afternoon with his Gun about five o'Clock in the afternoon
it was not broad day light for we had lit the Candles - I did
not see him at any time between 8 and half past 11 o'Clock
that morning - half past 11 was the first time I saw him
that morning - He never was in the Cottage but once before
it was about 3 weeks before - he came then for some plants - I
had never seen him before - I dont know the fact of my husband
being a Chartist - he never told me he was a Chartist. - I
had no reason to believe that my husband was a Chartist
I never knew or had reason to believe that my husband
attended Chartist meetings - I dont know that the Prisoner
is a Chartist - I am not a Chartist - I never heard that
there was to be an outbreak on Monday Morning - My husband
was in the Garden when Aust came there - I went there to
tell him to keep out of the way - After the men were gone
he came into the Cottage - Mr Aust was not in the cottage -
when I went to seek my husband in the Garden - I did not
go for my husband to Mr Cordes' House - I am quite certain
it was not later than five o'Clock when Aust left my Cottage
I have not seen or heard a person of the name of Jones a



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