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Watchmaker of Pontypool - He has never been in my house -
Mary Brewer was in the Cottage when the Prisoner was there -
no one else was there during the time the Prisoner was there in
the morning - I have heard that Mary Brewer is a
Chartist - I have never had any conversation with her on
the subject of Chartism - it was the younger Brewer -
I have never heard that she was the Collector of Subscriptions
for the Chartists - I dont know that there was any convers[atio]n
that took place between Mary Brewer and Aust - I was
out about the Poultry - Mary Brewer came in before Aust
She had no conversation about the Chartists whatever or about
what had happened at Newport - Mary Brewer had not
conversation with Aust in my hearing about what
happened at Newport - there are six Rooms in my house -
Upon my oath I never heard the Prisoner or Miss Brewer
say any thing about the firing at Newport - Aust did not
say that he had been as far as the Turnpike or as far as the
Penylan Lane
- he had gone no further than my Cottage - I
dont know how far Austs house is from mine - he told me
he had been no further than my Cottage from his house
that morning and that he had made his escape at the
Cottage - I dont know that at half past eleven the people
were going back in crowds from Newport - I suppose
when he came to my Cottage that he was afraid of being
pressed again - there was no one at the Cottage but Mary
- without any fresh intelligence arriving from
Newport or without knowing at all what had happened
at Newport - Aust left the cottage for Newport at half past
1 Mary Brewer was at the Cottage when Aust
returned again - she had been home and returned
again just before Aust - I did not ascertain nor did I
enquire from Aust or Mary Brewer what had taken
place at Newport Mary Brewer and the Prisoner I am
quite sure were the only persons that were at my house
during that morning - the distance from Aust's house to my
Cottage is according to the best of my judgment half a Mile
Mary Simpson



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