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Moses Scard Sworn States - I am a Police Officer
of Newport - I was on duty on Monday last at the Westgate
Inn when the mob came - I was so all the Sunday night -
I was I was here when the Inn was attacked by the Mob - In my opinion I should say that the mob consisted of from X
5000 to 6000 and they were at the front of the house when they came at first -at the front of the House when they came at first -
when they came in front they made a rush at the front door
of the House with spikes in their hands - there were 4 or 5
who stood opposite the door with Guns to prevent any one going
out - I ran from the passage towards the long Parlour where
the Soldiers were - before I got into the Long Parlour I heard
firing - that firing proceeded from the outside of the House -
at that time I did not see any one wounded or killed - When
I got into the Long parlour where the soldiers were - I
saw several balls come in and one passed very near
my arm - I heard it go by my arm - I did not stop long
after that - I did not give any directions to the Soldiers -
they were not firing when I came in - I think they were about
loading their muskets when I came in - I dont know whether
they were loading or not from the ball coming so near me, I
got back and got to the back of the House - When I got there
I heard a great deal more firing - I afterwards saw a great
many dead bodies - I went from the back of the House - I
got over the Wall and went to Mr Harris' Shop and changed
my Police Clothes for plain clothes - I did it fearing they
would shoot me - having my Police dress which I have
now on - I waited there some little time until they had done
firing as I thought when I saw them begin to throw down
their pikes and run away I came out of the House -
that was in about 20 minutes after I first heard the
firing - the mob was running away in great confusion
and I began to pick up the pikes - I saw a man
running through a Lane opposite the Catholic Chapel
- his arm appeared to be broke - he was blood all over
uncommon - I saw a man lead him into a House -
the man who threw down the pike went into the same House -
The man I saw with the broken Arm is I believe since
dead - I saw him go into the House in that Lane - I should know



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