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the House again - the Man who threw away the pike is George
and he is now a Prisoner - I went to the House into
which I saw the wounded man go - I dont know the man
who took the wounded man into the House - I dont know the
man or woman to whom the house belongs - I did not
take the wounded man into custody - I took the other
man after I came out of the House - I pointed out to a
Special Constable another man I saw with a pike - the
Constable refused to take him - he said he would have
nothing to do with it - that Constable was Davies who
lives at Pillgwenlly and keeps a Beer House called the -
"Sailor's Return"
- in consequence of which that man escaped
- After I came back to the Westgate I saw a great many
dead bodies - I saw four in the Street and five in the
House - I afterwards saw one in Friar's fields - I saw
a great many wounded - I picked up upwards of 150
Arms of different descriptions myself - I picked up -
ammunition - I picked up powder and ball - I have got
some in my pocket - I picked them up in the Street -
I have some in a basket at home which I found in the pockets of
the dead bodies - I should know one or two in particular -
that stood by the door with their Guns if I saw them again
but I do not know their names - I cant say I did see Mr
Edward Frost
amongst them - I searched the House of a person
of the name of Aust who lives at Malpass - he is a Gardener
- he has been brought up for examination before the
Magistrates and committed to Monmouth Gaol to take his trial
for High Treason - When I searched the House of Aust
I found a card with "Edward Frost - Treasurer" upon it - the
card I now produce is the Card I so found - I have read
the Card - at the bottom of the Card there are names Edward Frost
Treasurer and Charles Waters Secretary" I read the Card - it is thus -
"Working men's Association - it is safe to do right - This ticket to be renewed
"quarterly July the 23rd to Oct[ober] the 22nd 1839 No 79 - Edward Frost Treasurer - Charles
- Secretary - John Partridge - Printer Newport -"
I consider the Edward Frost named on the Card to be the



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