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Prisoner - I don't know any other Edward Frost in Newport
I now hold in my hand another Card I found in the same
house - I have read this Card - it is thus - "Monmouthshire
"shocking men's Association - motto - peace law and order - equal
"Laws and Equal rights we advocate and claim as our
"inalienable birth right - and as Citizens Universal suffrage
"vote by ballot - Annual Parliaments and no property
"Qualification - intellectual fitness and moral worth -
"are the only qualifications we advocate for the Electors
"and Elected number 635 - James Rose. S.E - secretary
"John Partridge - Printer - Newport."
I afterwards found in the same house two flasks of powder
and a quantity of Caps - I think it was half a pound of powder
- they were Gun Caps - they are for discharging Guns - I
have them in my Pocket - I now produce some of them - I
did not find any balls or shot - In the bed room Chimney
up stairs I found three silver tea spoons marked S - a five
shilling piece and two half Crowns - there was a bag with
straw in it up in the Chimney - I pulled down the Bag and
down fell another Bag with the Silver spoons the five shilling
piece and the two half Crowns in it - No one was at home -
I got in at the Chamber Window - I brought away with me the
things I found - I came back to the Westgate Inn in Newport -
I saw Aust and his Wife there - Aust was then in custody - his
Wife was there with him - Aust was in this house with other
Prisoners - his Wife was with him as I believe - I am not now
certain whether she was with him or not - I am certain that
I spoke to both Aust and with his wife when I spoke to
Aust - I now perfectly recollect Aust and his Wife were
together - They were both present when I spoke -
Aust's wife spoke first to me and said - "I believe
you have been to our house and searched it - I told him
I had she said there was nothing there but what "we
"had bought and paid for - I asked
her whether she had placed any thing in the
Chimney up stairs - she said "No, she would



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