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John Dallimore sworn says - I am a shoemaker and
work at Clements's at Park y Pill - I was in the Shop on Monday morning
last when 6 or 7 men came in, it was between 9 & 10 o'Clock - I and two
more were working in the Shop - from six to seven came into the Shop-
I was taken at a nonplus - two of them were armed with axees - one with
a fire lock another with a Stick in which was an instrument like a Spear
it was as long as a sword and went into the Stick, I saw it afterwards,
the Axes were long and were woodcutters Axes - I saw no other weapons
with the men that came into the Shop, some of them had Sticks - James
was not one of those that came into the Shop - he was outside -
they said come with us or you must expect what will follow - Aust was -
about half a dozen yards from the Door when the words were spoken &
must have heard what was said - one and all said the same thing and
James Aust must have heard what was said - I was told to come out
of the house, - I then immediately saw the Prisoner James Aust who had a
Gun and was loading it - I saw him put a Bullet into it - it was as big
as a marble - After he loaded his Gun he went off - we all went together -
two men went back and went up stairs and one of them brought a Gun
out of the house - the Gun was not loaded when in the house - I did not see
it loaded - we all went across the field towards Mr Cordes - James Aust was
with us - I did not hear him say any thing - some one took the lead and
directed us how to go - James Aust with his Gun went with us as far as
the Road leading from Mr Cordes towards the Newport and Pontypool road
I heard some one in the Crowd say where was Aust the Gauger, it
was one of the men with the Axe who said so - one of them with the axes
went back to look for Aust and could not find him - I did not see Aust
afterwards that day - I dont know where he went - we went as far as the
Turnpike - we heard some one say there was firing at Newport and the
party was beat and it was no good to go - we then went up the Lane -
At the Turnpike we saw a great number of people coming from the -
direction of Pontypool, some with Pikes some with Sticks - one with a -
Pitchfork - when we came top of the Hill at the back of the quarry we saw
large parties of men retreating from Newport to that spot - I heard them
say a good deal - I heard them said it was no good to go - They remained
to consult and I got away - I returned to my work at my masters shop -



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