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I had seen Aust at different times before - I did not hear him say
any thing as we went along - he did not seem frightened, he went along
boldly, he was generally amongst those behind me - I believe he staid
behind to see that no one escaped from that part - I can't say that he
made any difficulty about going - When they missed him they asked where
Aust the Gauger was - I dont know the two men with the axes - I am
a Stranger to them all but Aust and another Man a Carpenter, he is a
journeyman Carpenter - he lives in the Lane leading from the three horse
towards Mr Cordes' house, his name is Henry Nicholas - I did
not see him any busier than the rest - he was sometimes before and
sometimes in front - he was looking after us to keep us together -
[Henry] Nicholas was the man who carried the Stick with the spear in it -
I never heard Aust say any thing about the row - I have never
had any conversation with him - The Bullet put into the Gun by
Aust was a rough one - A Man with a Bag supplied the Bullets out
of the Bag there was more than 100 Bullets - I saw another man with
Powder - I saw the man with the Bag give the Bullet to Aust and
give another Bullet to another man - I don't know who the man
with the powder was - the powder was in a Bag which the man took
out of his pocket - I should think that the Bag contained a pound of
powder - the Bullets appeared to be roughly made, they was roughly
made - I know the Prisoner had a Gun in his hand - I am
sure I saw him put a Bullet into the Gun he had in his hand.
I must be a stupid sort of fellow not to know the difference between
Gauger and Gardener - the prisoner was behind us when they asked for
dust - the Gauger must have heard it -
John Dallimore



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