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22 [penciled top right hand corner]

William Phillips sworn states - I live at Malpass near
Newport - I know the Prisoner Aust - he is a Gardener living in the
Parish where I live - I employed him last Summer as a Gardener
occasionally - In consequence of something I heard I asked him
was he a Chartist, what made him a Chartist - I asked him so
knowing him to be well off - he said it was time for something to be
done as the great men had had it in their hands long enough - I
said to him I hear Aust they are about to pull Mr Prothero's house down
and Mr Blewitts or otherwise to turn Mr Prothero's house into a Poor house
- he said I hope I shall live to see it - I got in a bad way with him
and walked away - he never denied he was a Chartist - I have not
employed him since - this was just before Vincent was taken, he left
my work to go to a meeting - it was in consequence of his leaving my
work to go to the meeting I spoke to him - it was a Chartist meeting at
Newport - I don't know whether he told me that the Chartists did not
want to destroy property - I don't remember his saying so
William Phillips



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