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24 [in pencil top left]

an old Lane by a large Quarry - they took us on a great way till
we came to a farm house - a great many were going up the road -
before us - I heard the people along the road saying there was -
shooting in Newport - I heard no Guns fired - they did not tell me
any men had been killed - I heard nothing said to that effect -
the same two men continued our leaders and we were still told to
follow them - when some of the men said there was shooting in
Newport our leaders took us up the lane instead of leading us to
Newport - when they took us on the Road towards Mr Corde's we -
we were making on towards Newport and we were then told by some
one in the crowd that there was shooting in Newport and we were
taken a contrary direction by our Leaders - then our two Leaders said
follow us, and we did follow - James Aust came with us as far as
Mr Corde's Gardener's house - he then went in there and he was soon
afterwards missed by the Leaders - they missed him before they got
to Mr Cordes' house - I dont know the name of Mr Cordes' gardener
The Leaders cried out where is Mr Aust - the two Leaders then
retreated back and said where is Aust - they went on to the further
part of the crowd to look for him and some of the crowd said
he is gone to the Gardeners, he is gone to the Gardeners - we then
went on to the Pontypool Road and at the Turnpike Gate the Leaders
again enquired for Aust - they asked for him and that was all -
When we got to the Quarry they took us on as I have said before
to the farm house - I am sure I dont know who the two Leaders
were - I can't say how they were dressed - I am quite sure I dont
know them - I never saw them before - I saw their faces when
they came into my shop - I did not notice them so as to know them
again - Just before I got to the farm house I went over into a field
and tried to escape - I turned back with the intention of going
towards home, but I met a drove of Colliers and they said come
along back, come along - I got away from them with my fellow
workmen about 12 o'Clock - The last time I saw Aust was at
the three horse shoes more than a week before - the two men
with the Axes were strangers to me - they were bound to know
Aust John Richards
The prisoner being asked whether he had any question to ask, Aust said he had
[margin note 'x' with mark above] nothing to ask and all he said was quite correct.



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