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27 [penciled in top right hand corner] The Queen v Henry Bailley
John Walton Wright - I am Lance Corporal
in the 45th Regiment now Stationed
at Newport - On Saturday Evening
last the 23rd November instant Prisr
and one of our Men came into the
Cherry Tree Public House in Comml
a little after 9 o'Clock - He came into
the Bar - He called for two Cups of Beer
He had the Beer - one cup he drank
himself and get gave the other he gave
to the Man who came in with him -
I said to our Man Its after 9 - the tattoo
is gone and you had better make
haste to the Barracks - He went out
and left the House - Prisoner said to
me "It is one of the worst things that
ever happened to Newport that a tattoo
should have come into it - I asked him
the reason why - he said he was a
Chartist - I cautioned him not to
say any more - Prisoner was drunk -
but he would talk - about the Chartists He said he had paid
his weekly sum to them - I said you
had better go home and be quiet or
else I should be obliged to take him up -
He began talking about Jack the Fifer -
I said What do you know about Jack
the Fifer
- Prisr said I met him on the
Monday Morning directly after the Riot
and I asked him why they run away
when the battle was won - and he said
to me we have made a retreat and then
went back and gave them another
volley - He Jack the Fifer wanted him to



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