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have a Pike but I said no - I would not
have it for if I was wanted my ammunition
was quite ready " - I then took
Prisoner into Custody - when I
reached the Parrot,one on my way
to the Police Station, I was met
by three or four Men apparently
Masons - They said to Prisoner
"Henry where are you going - What
have you done" - Prisr said " I have
done nothing" - Prisr then raised
his fist at me and Said If I did not
let go of him he would knock me
down - I called out for a Police
Man - One of the Men I called upon
to assist me but he refused and
walked away - I dont know this
man, nor any of the others - A
Police Man Special Constable came up and we took
him Prisr to the Station House -
Prisoner said in the Station House
that if he had done anything wrong
he was sorry for it and wished
to recall his words -




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