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Basil Gray sworn states I am a Lieutenant in the
Forty fifth Regiment of foot doing duty at Newport - I received
orders on Monday Morning last a little after Eight oClock to
proceed to the Westgate Hotel to put myself under the order of the
- I repaired thither immediately with thirty men - I
formed in front of the building - the Mayor then desired me to
enter the Court yard - the Gate of which was closed after me -
he then took me to the building on the right of the Hotel, the room
I occupied is part of this House and asked me if that suited my
purposes - it did so - and I immediately proceeded to get it cleared
of the furniture and various other articles with which it was
crowded - this took me some time as the Room was so foul with
smoke as not to be habitable - It had been full of Constables
all night - I then marched my men in - the Mayor gave
me instructions to conceal my men as much as possible to
avoid irritating the mob which was then approaching to effect
which I closed the under shutters of the Room which had three
projecting bow windows and latched them - I had time to give my
men a few necessary instructions when I heard cheering and the
told me they were approaching - they formed in front of
the house - I saw a few of their spear heads over our half shutters
and they immediately let fly a volley of small arms - this demolished
the window and brought down all the glass - I immediately gave
the word to load - I did not do this before as I hoped that matters
would not have turned so seriously - While my men were loading
which took a very short time the crowd effected an entrance into
the building by rushing into the Hall and the back entrance into
a passage which communicated with a door of our Room. As
soon as we were loaded I stepped forwards to unlatch one of the
Window Shutters - the Mayor handsomely opened another - this
unmasked us and a quantity of small arms was discharged
at as by which the Mayor was twice wounded and a Serjeant
by my side (Serjeant Daily) was wounded in the head - I
saw him covered with blood immediately after - I heard them
both say they were hit - the Mayor said it to me only in a
whisper which could not have been heard by my men and went &



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