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Reg vs John Bowen and Lewis Thomas

Thomas Beckingham of Newport
Clerk to Chas Smith Porter Merch[an]t
a Spec[ia]l Constable I was on duty
on Monday Mor[nin]g between 5 & 6
about 1 1/2 mile outside the Town
with several other Constables We
saw at Coed Melin bet[wee]n the Handpost
and the High Cross a large body of
men advancing ^ about 120 We consulted
what we had best do. Isaac Ven[n]
a person named Frances & some
others were of our party when
the men came up to where we
were - we divided & let them pass
between us & when 8 had passed
we fell in with them as of their
party - we had the 8 Men before
us & divided them from the
2 of the Men carried Pikes & one a Blacksmiths [?]...*
Main body ^We kept with

[* ? shoull or showle]



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