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to where witness was he joined
them and saw an old man
walking arm and arm
with Lewis Thomas
The old man appeared tired I
asked him where he was from
he said from Dowlais I said
you are tired he said yes. I offered
him my Arm which he took
& we walked on together to the
Stow Hill The Turnpike Gate
__The Prisoner John Bowen is the man
^ I asked him at the road where
he was af going He said he did
____ but that he had two Sons with him
not know When we came
to Stow Gate He wanted to
go down to the Tram road at
the Waterloo
I told him
I would take him out of harms
way That he must go with
me before the Magistrates I beckoned
to the other Spec[ia]l Constables who
went to the opposite side & took



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