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The Queen & Thomas Bray
Walter William Homan Superinten-
dent of Police In consequence of Infor-
mation I received and understanding
that the Prisoner Thomas Bray was
about to leave Tredegar I advised with
Mr Summers Harford as Magistrate
and had him taken into Custody the
I told the Prisoner he was charged with
carrying an Unlawful Weapon on the night
of Sunday the 3rd of November Inst and
in company with the Chartists he replied
it was a foolish job and could not be
helped he never carried anything to hurt
it was a mop Stick or Broom Stick
which he took out of the Garden and fas-
tened a Saucepan handle to the end of
it I asked him for what purpose he did
not know because he was foolish and that
a Man came and called him I asked
him if he knew the Man he said no
but he went with him it was a foolish
concern altogether and that he went



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