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took him along - Some men were put over the boy to guard him - I was
watched by John the man that had first took me - he walked near me with his
Gun for the purpose of preventing my going away - When we passed thru
the turnpike we proceeded towards Newport - I heard the Prisoner say that
some one had run away - he then commanded the mob to halt or stop - they
did so - he then directed some of the mob to go in pursuit of the person who had run
away - that person was overtaken and brought back - About that time there
were together about four or five hundred persons - some of them were armed
many of them I should think about fifty had guns - some had pikes - about
two hundred had pikes - some of them had short [blank] or Dirks which they
carried in their pockets - after the person that had run away was brought
back the Prisoner directed the mob to proceed - I observed that the prisoner
carried a Spear in his pocket - it was made of Iron - it was not in a case
he also carried a Stick it was to be used by having a Stick or handle put into the
Socket of it - I observed the Prisoners dress - he was dressed then as he is now
it was the Prisoner n that up to that time directed all the proceedings of the mob
When he gave the word halt, they halted - when he said go on they proceeded -
I have no doubt those who were with him came from Pontypool or the
neighbourhood beyond it - I heard the Prisoner at different times hurry the
mob on - he said go on quick or we shall be too late to go into Newport - he said
in my hearing they were going to Newport - he did not say what they were
going to do there - I heard some persons in the prisoners hearing saying they
were going to Newport to take it - All the orders that were given by the Prisoner
were immediately obeyed by the mob - there was no one questioned his -
authority at all - I remember after proceeding a little further on meeting
two men with two horses and a Cart - the prisoner then ordered the mob to stop
they did stop - he said he would have one of the men and leave the other with
the horses and cart, and he left it to the two men which should remain - he
said he was determined to have one of the men - one of the men was a
young man the other was an old man - the young man then said "as
long as one of us must go I will go" - the young man then came with us
and left the old man behind - the young man asked what they were going
about they said they would let him know when they got to Newport - this was
in the hearing of the prisoner - I after that heard a conversation between
the prisoner and some of the mob - they stated in my hearing that it was
their intention to take Newport and then to return back to Pontypool and



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