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when they got back to Pontypool they meant to pull down the station house
and release the prisoners - After that they said they should go to the Squires
(meaning the Lord Leuitenant of the County) - they did not say what they
intended to do with the Squire or at the Squires - they said they intended to
go to Monmouth the next day - they said they should walk to Monmouth -
they said they should take down the Gaol and release Vincent and the other
Prisoners - We proceeded on to the new Inn a man there was taken away
from a pack of mules and compelled to go along with us - his Mules were
left to go whither they pleased - After that Prisoner repeated the words
"Go on" to the mob and they did go on - Shortly after that I saw two men
digging up potatoes in a field - the prisoner directed some of the men to go
and take them - those men were taken by force and other men put to watch
that they did not run away - We proceeded on then from the New Inn to
Cross y Cylog - Cross y Cylog is a public house - the men went in for more
beer - the Prisoner ordered the Tap to be stopped and said that if they stopped to
take beer they would be too late to go into Newport - I continued after that to
make my escape^ I went through the River and made my escape - - The pine tree Public House is within two miles of
Pontypool - when there a person came out of the house - I heard the prisoner
ask that person if there were many soldiers in Newport - that person said
not many - he then said Newport has been taken by the Chartists - the mob
seemed very much joyed at that news - I heard them say they were Chartists -
I heard them say they expected to meet Mr Frost at Newport - I heard them
say Frost was coming to Newport to meet them with a great number of men
from Blackwood and that way - I heard one man say - he heard nothing
of what was to happen until last Saturday night - another man said he had
heard it a fortnight ago - I heard it said that it had been agreed that they -
were to leave Pontypool at one o'Clock - I heard it said that they had not
left Pontypool at one o'Clock it was because it was so very wet - the Prisoner
might have heard what was said - it was said in the hearing of the Prisoner
it was intended they should be in Newport at 3 o'Clock that morning -
at Cross y Cylog public house I heard something said about Jones the
Watchmaker - I should know him again if I was to see him - I saw a
person at Cross y Cylog whose appearance I was induced to remark - I
believe that person was Jones - he was armed, he had a pistol about him - The
mob wished him to come out - the same mob the prisoner was acting with - After
a while he came out, they said Jones had brought them to a pretty pass having



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