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[right hand margin] 58
[Centre, penciled] Solomon Brittons Defence

The Prisoner being called upon for his defence & being
duly cautioned states as follows - I was in bed at the
time that these Evidences say that I was at Pontypool
I rose at 8 o'Clock on Monday morning had my
breakfast about 1/2 past 8 - Went from Garndiffaith to
Tal y wain on the Golinas[*] </place>- my master owed me some
money - I went there to look for it - I did not go directly
to the house because I learnt from a man that was living
next door that he was gone from home - I went from there
to Abersychan - Met a man named William Jordan a
Shoe Maker from Garndiffaith he asked me where I
was going - I told him I was going to Abersychan - he
told me I had better not - but I went on - Went into the
Black Horse Inn or public House - Went from there to
Pontypool where I met a great many men that I knew
and they knew me - Stood talking with a man of the
name of James Carrington and also with a man of the
name of Joseph Knight who lives in the bottom of the
Garndiffaith near the Six Bells formerly - this was about
9 o'clock as near as I can judge - I came from there
down so far as the Station House with a man named Joseph Garland x - came from
a little behind him - Came from Pontypool in company with Isaac Davies on along the
Abersychan with Joseph Garland Canal so far as a Public House - I believe they call it
The Royal Oak - I am not certain whether that is the
name or Sign of the House or not - left Isaac Davies at
a Public House just beyond that further from Newport -
he requested me to come back with him - I thought proper
to go on to Newport - I had met some of the Boatmen &
they told me that Newport at that this House which is
called the Westgate I believe were broken to pieces - I
came on to the door where I met with this young man that
is just taken into Custody - I dont know his name
exactly I think his name is Phillip - i walked about
with him till 9 or 10 o Clock - then I went home with
him drunk tea with him went to bed got up the next morning came
down to the Westgate about 9 o Clock I believe - I went & saw the dead



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