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bodies, while I was there the young Man that lost his father
since Saturday night - saw me - came to me - asked me
if I would go with him so far as the Poor House - I said
I would - asked him where it was - he did not know - asked
this young man that was along if he knew - he said he did
so we went up together - before we came to the Gate where the
Serjeant and Constable were standing the young man that lost
his father asked if there was such a man there - he described the
man his father as near as possible - the Serjeant went to the Stable
door wherein the Prisoners were enclosed, returned and said there was
no such a man there - then Sergeant said to the young man
possible if your father belongs to that abominable set the Chartists, the
young man said 'no' - Serjeant asked us all three if we were Chartists
I spoke up and said I was of the Chartist principle - then Constable said
to the Serjeant I think he is liable to be taken up, yes says the Serjt
and I must take him up - Constable took hold of my Coat the
right hand side and attempted to drag me, but behaved very decent
I was for explaining my meaning when Serjt took hold of me and
said "come come" and shoved me into the Stable along with other
Prisoners where I remained that night - next morning I was brought
down to the Westgate - that was Tuesday - that was Wednesday I have
nothing else to say Gentlemen - All that I want is Justice and if I
have committed any thing worthy of death or banishment in what
I have related I am willing to suffer it - nothing more Sir only I
should wish to call a witness who prove I was on Garn Ddiffaith
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