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[penciled in top right hand corner] 60
[penciled top centre of page] Solomon Britton's Defence
Thomas Morgan Sworn says I am a Miner and live at
Garn Diffaith - I saw the Prisoner going along the Road from
your own House this day week in the morning, - it was near as
possible I can say from 8 o'clock to half past 8 near as possible
- you did not say nothing to me then - I come from Garn Diffaith -
I saw the Prisoner at Garndiffaith on last Monday morning about
8 or half past 8 - I dont know whether any houses were broke
open at Garn Diffaith on Monday morning - I heard them say
that men were going about the Houses at Garn Diffaith & knocking
the doors with Iron bars and taking the men away - I was at
Garn Diffaith on Monday - I was not at Work - I have known
the Prisoner since he was a little boy - he lives at Garn Diffaith
he is a Miner like myself - I don't belong to any Chartist Meeting
I came down to Newport last Friday - I was at home on Monday
Tuesday and Wednesday - His Brother did send up to his Mother
and I went up to his Mother - His mother did not ask me to
swear that the Prisoner was not at Newport on Monday last
but I told her I saw him at Garndiffaith on Monday morning last
at 1/2 past 8 o'Clock - I believe there were several other persons
saw the Prisoner at Garn Diffaith on Monday as well as me - I
heard say so - He had on that day this Coat that he has on now
It is not common for me to see the Prisoner at that hour in the
morning - I happened to see him then for I was standing on the door
I swear it was 8 or half past 8 that morning - I made a memorandum
of my having seen him - I told my Wife there is Solomon Britton
going somewhere now - There was no stir at all in that part of
Garn Diffaith that morning - all the Inhabitants in my neighbourhood
were at home - I don't know that the Constables have now two
Warrants against the Prisoner for breaking open Houses at
Garn Diffaith that night when I saw him he was walking in a
direction from Newport. I heard the Prisoner's father in Law
Joseph Selwin and the Prisoner's Wife say as he was at home at
Eight o'Clock I don't know that I heard any other person punctually
say that he was at home at that time - when I was down on Friday
night I saw the Prisoner - his father in Law and his two Brothers
were here, I had no conversation with him since he has been in



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