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[penciled in top right hand corner] 62

Peter Brittan Sworn States I am a Miner and live
at Garn Diffaith - I left the Prisoner at his own house last
Sunday night was a week - I leave him about 8 o'C[lock]
from that to 9 at night - I am not certain _ I leave him there
and I went home to tea - Then he came over to his Mother where
I live, and we remained there till one or two o'Clock when my
brother the Prisoner went home to the best of my knowledge - I
sometimes drink tea at 6 o'Clock - Sometimes at 7 - I am not
very particular when - I usually go to Chapel on Sunday Evenings
and usually take my tea before I go to Chapel - I did not go to
Chapel, I did on the Evening of last Sunday week - I heard that
the Chartists was coming and that was the reason I did not
take tea till between 7 and 8 o'Clock - I had correct intelligence
of what was going to happen - A person came on the Garn and
Said So - he did not say it to me but I heard him say that the
Chartists were going to meet on the race course at Pontypool the
next morning - that Report first reached my ears about
2 or 3 o'Clock in the afternoon - I was greatly alarmed -
it was the alarm that I felt that prevented me taking tea that
night at my usual hour - I had no special business of my
own to attend to that put off my tea drinking - It is my
principle not to be a Chartist - it never paid anything - I
never had a Card - My Brother is a Chartist what he said
in principle - he is not a Chartist in practice according to the
best of my knowledge - I live with my Mother - After I had
taken my tea, I went to my Brother's House - and we came
back to my Mother's house - remained until one or two
o'Clock on Monday Morning - I did not hear before Monday
Morning that one o'Clock on that morning was the hour
at which the Chartists were to assemble who were to go down
to attack Newport - I believe my Brother went home from
my Mother's house - I did not accompany my Brother
home - he went home to the best of my knowledge - I
accompanied him to the door of my Mother's house but not
further - We was at my Mother's house to make our escape
from the Chartists - he made an attempt at escaping - we



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