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Thomas Davis [*]

George Hitchings I am a Roll Turner and live at
Ebbw Vale - I am a Housekeeper - On Sunday night the 3rd
November last some men armed with pikes came to my house
and took me out against my will - I do not know any of
them - I went with them down the Road towards Newport
I tried to make my escape at Pont Aberbeeg - I went into a
public House at Pont Aberbeeg called the Hanbury Inn
kept by Leonard - I saw Thomas Davis there
he had a pike in his hand - there were a great many more
there whom I do not know - we were ordered out of the house
and I heard some of the men say that they were all bound to
be in Newport by two o'clock in the morning
- I went from
this place down lower with a body of people until I came down
to Newbridge - Before we reached Newbridge we stopped at the
Union Foundry public House kept by Edwards about a mile
below Pont Aberbeeg - I saw Thomas Davis in this house
he had the same pike in his hand - from there we went
down the Road to Newbridge - Thomas Davis was there
He stopped a little while at Newbridge Inn - there were a
great many people there nearly all armed - Davis still
had his pike - I heard Thomas Davis order the men
out of the House and to go to Newport - We went out of
this House down the Tram Road to Abercarne
I then with
others ran away from the tram road to the Turnpike road
We met another gang coming down the Turnpike Road
Thomas Davis was with them - I heard him say to us
"Roll up" - I said to him "I will not roll up no more -
I have rolled up enough" - I went up to a man named
Arthur Davis Surveyor (who was with Thomas Davis'

[* Thomas Davis added in pencil above this line]



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