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Stephen Rogers - Sworn - I am a Special Constable
of Newport - I am a Grocer - I was acting on Duty
the whole of Sunday night last as a Special Constable - one
of my company apprehended the Prisoner - his name is
___I received the Prisoner into my custody from J Joh , John Davies -
John Davies - ^ I examined him - I did not threaten him
or say to him that he had better confess - I asked him
where he was going - he said to the Cefn to look for a job of
work- I said it was early and I should take the liberty of
sending him down to the Mayor - it was then about 5 o`Clock -
on Monday Morning last the 4 th ins t He did not say
any thing more that I recollect - he was delivered by me into
the possession of a young man of the name of Brown - who
I ordered to take the Prisoner down to the Mayor - riots were
expected to take place at Newport on Monday - - the Rioters
were expected to come down from the direction of Bassaleg
and Risca - men coming down from the Hills and the Mineral
would come through Risca and Bassalleg and by the
Cefn to come to Newport - The Prisoner was going in a direct
Road to meet the Rioters coming down from the Hills and
from Bassalleg and Risca -
_________________________ Stephen Rogers /,



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