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now produced is the paper written by me at the time
he was not drunk - he appeared to be a little in
liquor but he knew well enough what he was doing
I frequently put the same questions to him and
he always gave me the same answers - I read the
same paper to him and he said it was all right.
[ The paper was then put in and read and it agreed
in substance with the other deposition taken by the
Witness Mr. Evans ]
X. Examined by Mr.Hall - I was employed to go to
Blackwood by Mr. Phelps on the part of the Crown - I went up on Friday
for the purpose
^ but not before
Moses Scard being sworn and examined by Mr. Phelps said I am
a police officer and was at the George Inn at Blackwood with Llewellyn
I believe on Monday night last - I heard Mr. Llewellyn examine the -
witness Harris - he gave Mr. Llewellyn the information contained in the paper
just read and he also made the same statement to me before - I did not
make any promises or threats to him nor did I hear Mr Llewellyn make
any - I took him at the Royal Oak where I found him dancing - I told
him I wanted him to come to Newport as a witness - He said "I will come &
tell all I know" - I then took him to the George Inn, when he told me
he was at the Coach and Horses on Monday night - when Mr Mr. Llewellyn
examined him he was not drunk - he had drunk a little - and he told
me on the following morning when he was sober "Every word I said last
night is true and I will swear to it before a Magistrate" - He also said
he had more to say, but would not tell it to me yet.
Cross-examined by Mr. Hall - I was sent up by the magistrates to obtain
evidence - not in particular against the prisoner - I took the witness Harris
on Monday or Tuesday
Examination of the Witness Harris continued, after hearing the papers read
I cannot swear what I heard Davies the prisoner say on the Sunday
night at the Coach and Horses - Davies did not say (that I heard) any more
than what I have said - I did not hear what Davies said then or at
any other time.

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