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why do you stop here? Why do you not go on? "you ought
to be down at 12 o'clock, Mr. Frost is waiting for you"
Some other person said "you ought to be at Pill " one
of the people remarked they had no arms - the young
Gentleman on horseback replied "there are plenty of
Arms for them there" - I asked who was that gent
young Gentleman and several said it was young Mr.
- I did not here where they were to get arms -
the Road where this occurred leads down to Newport
It was then about 12 o'clock at night and was rainy
I could not swear to Mr. Davies - I have seen him
four times in his father's shop - I thought the person
on horseback was like Mr. Davies - the Prisoner is a son
of Mr. Roger Davies of Blackwood but what son I
cannot say - I cannot say that he was the person on
horseback unless he had on the same coat (a dark drab)
which he wore then - From the light of the candle which
shone upon the colour of the horse it seemed to be dark
I did not see Mr. John Frost at that time and that
was the first time I saw the person on horseback
but I think I saw him before at the Welsh Oak - I
did not see him do anything at the Welsh Oak - there
was a chaise at the Welsh Oak before I saw the person
on horseback - It was after seeing the person on
horseback that I saw John Frost
Cross-examined by Mr. Hill - I shall be 91 years
of age in May next - the Book in which my age
is entered is not in my possession - The entry is
"1st of May 1749" James Nelson wrote that a long
time ago - I was apprenticed to an Herbalist 1st May
1766 in Philadelphia - I have been in this country
since 1816 - I was pressed at Antigua in 1793
by Lieut-t Byng of the Berbice tender [*] - I have been
in England and Wales but have not been in Ireland

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