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[top r. corner] 123

Reg vs W m Davies

Henry George of the George Inn
I saw a great
many people passing my House
the Sunday before the Riots
there were a great many they
had nothing with them. I know
Wm Davies the pris r. particularly
well I do business with him
I saw the Pris r. 2 or 3 times
at least if not more pass
my House on foot He was
passing & repassing with them
There were a great many
_very hastily more so than usual
passing to & fro ^ I saw him
him Sunday afternoon
after 2 O'clock pass down
the Road towards the Coach
& Horses
kept by Rd Pugh
He was dressed in his usual
dress a Coat cut away down
over the hips I saw him
going out up previous to
Dinner & afterwards back

[in left margin/ written
vertically from bottom corner/
? in continuation of another statement]

at [?] ... [*] we went to look for Pikes[~]
the men walked thro' The Brook I knew
where my Masters Fowls House was [~]
having lived there many years & I hid
myself & did not go further[~]
Thomas Smith

[l. margin
alongside line 7 of text]
W. Davies



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