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again. He appeared to be much
more busy & active than usual
it was a very wet day there was a Man
named McClean who was wounded had Robins[?] running
up & down
The Horse Pris r. rode on Monday
Mor- [in]g was a Ches[t]nut Horse
with a light Mane & Tail
About 12 o'clock
The Pris r was at home at 10
_____Monday 3 Nov r
O'clock ^ I saw him thro' the Window

The Women abused Davies
called him a Turn Coat & that he
did send their Husbands to be
slaughtered my Wife heard
them my Wife's name is
Mary George

The Prisoner's Father has two
Horses the one a Bay or light
toned one and a Ches[t]nut
with a light Mane & Tail
about 15 hands & the other
13 /14 hands



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