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Mary George Wife of Henry George Landlord
____________(my own property)
of the George Inn^ at Blackwood in the Parish
of Bedwellty
in the County of Monmouth - says
The George Inn is about a quarter of a mile from
the Coach & horses kept by Richard Pugh - I
recollect the Sunday before the Riots - About 10 that
morning I observed large parties of men assembling
& walking in do up & down they talked to each other
very busily - this continued all the day - About
4 O'clock in the afternoon I saw Mr Wm Davies
Son of Mr Roger Davies who keeps the shop at

Blackwood come up the Road - he had
a drab Mackintosh Cloak thrown over his arm
he came from the direction of the Coach & horses &
walked very smartly - On the^ next day (Monday) after about
2 We I saw Mr Wm Davies ride down the Road
on a horseback on a horse with a flaxen coloured
Mane & tail - There were several women standing
by the tram road who called to Wm Davies " Ah
turn coat you do stop at home and send down people
there to perish to Newport to the slaughter
". Wm
turned round his head laughed & rode on -
Elizabeth Davies a collier's wife living opposite to our house was the loudest
________________________________ Mary George



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