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William Davis

William Harris being sworn and Examined said
I am a Collier and live at Blackwood - I do not
remember Sunday the 3rd Novr last but I remember
a Sunday in last month - There was a good
many people about Blackwood that night - the
weather was very wet - I work for Mr Powell at the
- I do not recollect that there were many people
at Blackwood on Monday last - I never heard of
the Riots at Newport - I was not down here - I did
hear of the Riots it was on a Monday - The
Sunday I spoke of was the Sunday before that
Monday - I do not know what day of the month it
was - I do not know if it was the beginning of the
month - I do not know how many Sundays ago it
was - I was at home on the Sunday I spoke of all
day until evening - I then went down to the Coach
& Horses
- I was forced to go - The Coach & Horses
is at the bottom of the Blackwood - It is kept by
Richard Pugh - it was about 7 o'clock when I went
down there - it was dark at the time - I do not know
who forced me down but I was asked to come - I did
not like to refuse there were so many people there -
the people had something with them - I do not know
what things they had - I don't know what tools they had
with them there were so many people - I saw sticks with
some - I did not see anything on the Sticks - I did
not see any Guns nor pistols nor Swords nor pikes
nor mandrills - I did not see anything but Sticks in
the hands of those who came to our door - I saw
people on the Road but I do not know them because
because they were on the upper side of the house which is
about 5 or 6 yards from the Tram Road - when I went

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