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[top r. cornrer] 127
to the Coach & Horses I saw good many people there -
Some of the people there had arms but I do not know who
they were - I saw pikes there - I did not go off the
Turnpike Road - I do not know Mr. John Frost but I
do know him middling - I know Mr Wm Davis - it
is the prisoner - he lives at Blackwood - I suppose
along with his father who keeps a Shop - I saw Mr.
John Frost
on the Sunday night I went to the Coach

& Horses and also the prisoner William Davies - John
was by the Door - I think William Davis was by
the Door with him - Davis spoke something but I do
not know what he said the house was so full of people
I do not know what he said there were so many
people there - I do not know the words William Davis
spoke there was so much rain and bother there -
Mr. Phelps - On your Oath did you ever State that you
knew what Mr Mr. Davis said?
Witness - I was so drunk when I was taken I do not
know what I said.
I do not know what Mr. Frost said - they were speaking
but I do not know what they said - I was examined
yesterday - I had something to drink yesterday
I was not drunk, but I was pretty well - I had drunk
Gin & Beer at the Ship- I was examined about 11 o'clock
After I had been examined I was with the constable and
my wife during the afternoon - there was a good many
people spoke to me during the day - No one asked
me what brought me down to Newport nor whether I was
going to give evidence - I have seen only my wife
and the constable this morning and the people that
were in the Room with me - I do not remember all I
said in my examination yesterday -

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