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then went forward - I went into the house and went
to sleep - when I awoke in the morning it was not
quite light - I then saw two men in the left hand room
who were dressed respectably - there was a man
guarding them with pistols to prevent their running away
I saw Mr Frost then and heard him say "you are
two scamping fellows" or some such words as these
He told the two men to go off and they did so and then
John Frost went down along the Road towards Newport
I then went to go home and I saw Zephaniah Williams
in the Road who said to me "go on Harris Why dost
thee hang back here" I then went on and he came on
after us behind us - I came on as far as the lane
on the left hand moving up by the Waterloo Public house
That house is a long way from Newport - I should say
it is about two miles from Newport and it is near
the Turnpike Gate - I went up the Lane and when
I came back to the Waterloo I saw the people coming
back - the people about me had sticks but some of
them - the best part - had nothing, but I saw some
before me who had Guns - Frost was dressed in
a rough big coat and a red cravat on - I do not
know who Davis was speaking to at the Coach and
door - there were two many people there -

Henry George sworn and Examined by Mr. Phelps
I am Landlord of the George Inn Blackwood - I
remember Sunday the 3rd Novr a great number of
persons were walking up and down by my house on
that day - I know Mr. Davies - I see him here -
I saw him twice or thrice on that Sunday and on
Monday morning at 10 o'clock I also saw him at his
own house - I saw him pass on Sundays before
occasionally but not so frequently as on that Sunday

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