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Israel Furmen Cross Xd by Mr Hall
Entry in that Book 1st May 1749 of my age
I served my time to a Herbalist I was bound the 1st of
May 1766 I was Shet free in 1773 I was
apprenticed in Philadelphia the corner of Cherry Alley
and old Market Street in t I have been in this
Country since I was discharged from a British
Service from on board the [?] T_ _ _ [*] in 1816
I was pressed on the Island of Antigua in 1793
______[Lt] Pinkerton [**]
by Lieut-t Peak who commanded the Birbush[***]
Tender for the Men of War from one Island to another
I do not know what age I was when I was
pressed I did not keep a Tally. I have been
residing sometimes in England and sometimes
in in Wales sometimes
5 times Exmn- d ag-st 6 or 7 Prisoners
I wont say I have spoken to Pris r or his Brother
& were you not exam -d as to all you know
& did you say the Pris- r was there
Horse bet-n a Poney & a Horse
I have never stated that I saw the Pris- r
in the Boro' of Newport on the 4 Nov- r
I __ I saw him before now
Did you

[Newport Reference Library embossed stamp]

[see notes below for Birbush (Berbice), Pinkerton etc]



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