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telling the Waiter he should not sleep there that night but
should wish particularly to have a Bed on the following
night (Thursday the night he was apprehended) as he intended
to sleep there then and be off on Friday Morning by the
earliest Coach to Dover, the Waiter saw no more of him
as he was soon after leaving the apprehended on the
night he intended to have slept at the Inn and lodged
in the Station House when at the latter place he requested
the Superintendent of Police (who assisted in his apprehension)
to procure his luggage and account from the Rose which
was done - Any further Information or assistance you
may require I shall be most happy to render -
_________________ I am Sir
__________________ Your ob[edient] Serv[ant]
_________________________Jn o Aris
________________________ Clerk to the Justices

W.T.H Phelps Esq



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