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additional Evidence of loading and firing 3 times
at the Soldiers the Magistrates have issued a Warrant
against a third man, a Pensioner who is known
to have been from home that day -
I do not anticipate the objection you allude to
as to the notices not being served upon all the Prisrs.
indeed there was not time to have done so with safety as
we were driven to the last moment - I have kept
duplicate copies of each notice served, thinking that
the safest mode - as I confess I see very great objection
to the mode of service of the original Lists - and I may
be wrong in the view I take but I feel there will be
very great difficulty to support the service (if the
objection be taken) in consequence of the Headings
to the Lists to served being filled in with the name
of each prisoner, whilst only one copy in blank
(as to the name) was kept to prove the service upon



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