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[top r. corner] 141 [*]
Regina v. Edward Davis
James Mooney - I am a Special Constable
for the Borough of Newport - I received
directions from Mr Hopkin's Superintendent
_ on Sunday 24 Novr instant
of Police ^ to go to Prisoner's House to
search it - I went to Prisoner's
House at [#] _________in the Parish
I believe of of Llanvrechva - in company
with Henry Chapple - Prisoner was
at home - I saw Prisoner and said
I had come there for the purpose of
searching the House - to which
Prisoner readily consented - and
assisted in showing me every thing he
had got in the House - the
papers I now produce I found
in the House - I assisted Henry
in taking Prisoner into
Custody having recieved directions
from Hopkins that to do so if I found
any seditious papers in Prisoner's
House -

[* written over previous number]
[# poss. Wain ty cella - but not identified]



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