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me but I didn't know them - He
came up to me and said "Here Davey"
(giving me the Book) its merely matter
of form for you to swear but you
do it not to ^ be bribed - He then took
it to the young woman - We both
Kiss'd the Book - They then left
the Room - before this some one
in the Room said come tis time
to go - Others replied its time
enough - Palmer said to me
"We honor old age - you and
Bragg shall stop in the House -
When they went out William Jewel
and John Lewis had their Guns in
their hands
- We I remained
in the House with Bragg, his
Wife and Daughter and Jonathan
's Wife all night - I went
to bed about two or three o'clock
I saw Powder in the Room as
well as balls
- Jewell brought in
the powder as well as the Balls -
I saw John Lewis and William Jewell
about 1/2 6 o'Clock - on the following



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