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Monday Morning - their Stockings
were very wet - as though they
had been out all night - Jewel
asked me if I wasn't going to get up
I said "yes in a few Minutes" I got
up in the course of ten minutes or
a quarter of an hour and I said
to William "Where have you been"
William said "don't know
hardly where I have been - I
said "What have you been doing out
all night" He said "I have been
doing nothing - the company didn't
meet" - The X mark of
David Evans
John Rogers

When Jonathan Palmer went
out of the House he had a
pike in his Hand
The X mark of
David Evans

The above Information was
taken on Oath before us her
Majestys Justices of the Peace
for the Boro'[ugh] of Newport and in the
County of Monmouth this
22nd day of November 1839
Tho[ma]s Hawkin
W. Brewer



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