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John Lewis

Edward Harris- I am a Special
for the Borough of Newport
From information I had received I
on went to the House of the Prisoner for the
purpose of searching it - I saw
Prisoner and his Wife there - I
told Pris[one]r that I came there to
search his House - Pris[one]r said he
had nothing there belonging to the Chartists and
that I was welcome to search
the House - Pris[one]r said that he
was not a Chartist and that he
had nothing to do with them-
That he had been from home all
day on Sunday before the Riot s the
3rd November instant at Liswerry
till 11 o'clock at night - that
when he came home he went straight
to bed and that he had heard of
nothing that had taken place
until the following Monday
morning - I then proceeded
to search the House - I searched
Prisoners apartments and also
the apartment of Jonathan Palmer & James Wall
who lived in the same house -
and found in Palmer's apartments
several Western Vindicators



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