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went across the Canal near the Brickyard
we went into a House - we went up Stairs-
a man was in the room eating his Supper-
into a room - a man was there eating
his Supper - I should know him again
if I were to see him - A woman
apparently his Wife was also in the Room -
the man said "Where is that Book" - a
Book (like a bible) was produced - the
man said "Hickey - you had better swear
these men in" meaning myself and others
then in the Room - Hickey refused
He then took the Book himself - he said
to me "do you know what you are going
about my Chap" - I answered "no I do not"-
He then said "you mus'nt be frightened
you mus'nt let any one bribe you for any
money - you must fight for the Chartists-
He then gave me the Book - I took it in
in my left hand - he made me take it in
my right hand- saying "so help you
God - Kiss the book
"- I did so - He
then gave the book to the others - I saw
them put it up to their mouths - I then,
in Company with the others, went down
Stairs- the man who had administered
the Oath went with us - He gave Some of
the men a bar of Iron apiece
- He gave
me a short bar- We went on by the
Canal side until we came to the first
turning on the Pontypool Road - myself
and another man ^ then ran away and hid
ourselves in a Ditch - when the others
were passed by we went home - Hickey
ran away when we got to the Dock Tavern -
When the men came the second time
the Land I heard the Landlady ask them
what they wanted with two drunken



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