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[top right hand margin:-] 10
Thomas Llewellin
1. Saw Prisoner in Sir C. Morgan's park with a mandril upon his
shoulder - walking by himself.

2. Saw D[itt]o D[itt]o

3. Conversation with Pris[one]r as to what he had heard Frost say -
Also saw Pris[one]r at the Westgate with a Gun in his hand (See
Depos[ition] in Merlin Nov[embe]r 30th) he shook his head at me - did not
see him fire.

4. Saw a man Deposes to attack on Westgate - saw a man like pris[one]r
in person and dress shaking his head at Scard, but could not
swear to Pris[one]r.

[In pencil - lower right hand margin:- ]
G. Turner
Jack Fifer
David Jones
Edmund E
J. Morgan
W[illia]m Jones
Solomon B
J. Aust



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