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the same men to Risca. We stopped at
Hen/r/y Charles/'/s house near Ponty Mister
where we found 4 or 500 others. I
said to the young man John let us go away
from them & came away in order to escape
from them. They were waiting for
more men to join them from the Blaina
Side. Mr Jordan of the place looks
after the writingt. It is he Keeps of the
Jo/u/n/ ils [?journals] . He is Secretary I suppose. I
heard that Frost was with them. His
son came with us until we nearly joined
the town & I heard them say the father was
there They have sticks & guns they have[?]
spears I saw one sycthe [scythe] there are some
with mandrils- some have spikes on
the end of the sticks- they talked of coming



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