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[top right/headed]
Xd Reg vs Tho[ma]s Llewellin & H. Fr[ost]

away as soon as the men they expected
from the Blaina would join them
_________________________ [between lines above]
_________________________________Evidence of Rupps

Mr. Thomas Llewellin who works at
the place Work[?] told me I was bound
to come with me [him] & I did so from fear
They By what I could can understand
by them they mean to have the arms
from the Soldiers if they Stand again [st] them
& they can do it. I do not understand
they mean to do anything in the town
but they intend to go to Monmouth
and release Vincent from prison. Young
[Henry] Frost & another person who was an elderly
man came with us nearly to the town.
The man who was either a mason or tiler
& plasterer. Their intention We met about
a dozen persons half a mile from the town
one of them had a gun, they spoke with to the man
who was with young [Henry] Frost.

[at foot/ pencil annotation] 616



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