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Pikes- and other weapons - From
Risca I went to the Welsh Oak -
I had two pints of Beer there - Lewis
was with us - I have been a
Chartist - I have been sworn that I would
[in left margin] by whom?
not disclose any thing relating to them-
I don't recollect any thing that passed
at the Welsh Oak - I saw Lewis
there- I saw John Jenkins there
- I saw Thomas Thomas there
they both live at Fleur de Lis-
They were with me- I staid at the
Welsh Oak about an hour - I
don't recollect any thing that passed
during that time - I did ^ not hear
any thing said about the Chartists-
I then left in Company with Lewis
About twenty of us or
more left the House at the time
I left I left it - We proceeded
down the Tram Road towards
- A great many of
them were armed - I had a
little bit of a rod in my hand-
a wooden rod - I didn't see
any thing in Lewis Lewis' hand -
nor in Thomas Thomas' hand
nor John Jenkins - only an -
umbrella - I proceeded on to
the Park - There were a great
many men there - It was about
10 o'clock when I reached the
- A great many of the



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