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Evan Harris - I am a Collier - I live at
the Kendal Colliery - I went from my
House about half past five o'clock on
Sunday the 3rd November instant-
to attend ^service at a Baptist Chapel. I attended
the service & afterwards went home with some others
who had attended service also - I staid up had
some bread & cheese - sat up about half an hour and
then went to bed- My wife had gone to a Neighbour's
House- Not many minutes after I had been in bed
I heard a great noise of men coming down the
The door was open unlocked at the time as
my wife was out- The men came into the house-
In a minute it was full- Some of them called
out "halloo" and my child that was in bed
beside me cried- I supposed they heard her for
^ two or three theyn came up stairs into my Bedroom - The
first man that came into the ^ Bedroom had a long
pike & the other had a cutlass or some sort of
Sword ^ I do not know them - The first man said "Rise up my man
in a minute" & then I came into my kitchen in
my shirt & carried some of my clothes with me
_________It was 10 minutes to 10 by my clock
& dressed myself there ^ -- My kitchen was nearly full



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