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Most of them had something in their hands - Some
had sticks- one had a pruning wire - I do not recollect
seeing a gun- I only know one man amongst them
his name is David Lloyd a Collier he was was isa Collier &
now keeps a public House at the Argoed - I cannot tell
whether he had any thing in his hand or not he was stooping
down near the fire- They took me away against my
will- I went for fear of my life - I went to Newbridge about
a mile & 3/4 with them (to New before I ran away - There was
were a great many people at Newbridge collected chiefly
in front of the blacksmith's shop there - I escaped
up the old road leading to Cross Penmain & walked home
it might be about 12 when I got home - I got up
about 8 or 9 o'clock the next morning I went to Chapel
where there was service as us
I went to Abercarne with
Billy Davies a Shoemaker & had some Beer - about
2 or 3 o'clock I saw a great many people returning
they appeared very frightened - I then went home-
________________The mark X
__________________ ofEvan Harris



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