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Hannah Harris Wife of Evan Harris a Collier
lives at the Kendall Colliery - on Sunday Evening the day before the Riots I left my house about
1/2 past 9 to go to the House of a Neighbour who lived
about 30 yards off. I stayed there about 10 minutes
not longer when I returned to my House it was full
of men - they had some things in their hands I don't know
what - One had a Gun and another had a hay fork
at I do not know what the rest had- they were not such things as I usually see in such hands I never saw
- such things before & hope I never shall again-

My husband was standing by the Table in his
Shirt he was dressing himself - I believe it was a
little after 10 when the men left my house - my husband
went th with them - I do not know whether he
was pressed or not to go or not - I did not heard ^ them say
he must go with them (in English) which my husband does not understand
he said to them in Welsh he was unwilling to go
anything- ^ David Lloyd was amongst them that
came into the house - I saw him stopping by the
fire place when I came into my house - He is the
only one of them whom I have ever seen before-
David Lloyd is a Publican and lives at the Argoed [*] - I don't know
the sign of the House -

About 1/2 past 12 I heard a tap at the door, I
opened the door & let my husband in - he He said
he had escaped from them - He remained in the House
until about 9 the next morning-___________ The mark X
____________________________________of Hannah Harris

[* David Lloyd Publican of Argoed...]



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