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Henry Evans sworn states - I am a Saddler -
living at Newport my house is situate nearly opposite The Westgate
- I was at home on Monday morning last- I saw a large
number of persons coming down from the direction of Stow and in
front of the Westgate Inn about 9 o'clock on Monday morning last
as they came down the street they turned round the corner and came
in front of the Westgate Inn - I was then standing on my shop door
and could not see them until they came round the corner - when
they came round the corner all that I could see were armed - the men
most in advance after they turned the corner went to the Gate that leads
into the Westate Yard - there was a little in advance one who appeared
to lead them in that direction - after that man advanced to the Gate
I saw him return from the Gate and speak to a person - the person
to whom he so spoke appeared to be heading the mob at that time -
I don't know the man who first went up to the Gate - I know the man
he spoke to - the prisoner Lovell is the man he spoke to - I know
Lovell very well here he is - I was sufficiently well acquainted with
the person of the Prisoner as not to make any mistake - The prisoner
had something in his hand - I cannot say whether it was a Gun or a
Stick - Immediately after Lovell was spoken to by the other person-
Lovell said something to the mob - I can't say what it was - the Mob
immediately after that made an attack and fired on the Westgage [Westgate]
- The firing was directed principally upon the large room - that
part of this house which is nearly opposite my house - The Soldiers
were in that room but whether they were in that room when the first shots
were fired into it I cannot tell - the lower shutters of the Bow Windows
of that room were all that time closed - I did not see the Soldiers in
that room firing out of the windows - Immediately after the Prisoner
addressed the mob he went into the thick of the mob and I saw no
more of him afterwards - when the mob came round the corner they
filled the space in front of the house from the corner to the Gates entering the Yard
they were as near as I can tell from 1000 to 1500 men - I did not see the firing
of the Soldiers because I was obligated to go into the House-

By the Prisoner - A person in the mob did go to the prisoner & speak to him - the prisoner
was on the pavement near the Coach Road at that time - you were on the pavement or -
nearly on the pavement in front of the house - your clothes were something light-
______________________________________________Henry Evans



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